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where is every one

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where is every one Empty where is every one

Post  SHOOGA-LOOOGA Tue Dec 22, 2009 10:11 am

Ok so me and a few others are out of contract and waiting to be offered a new one, either from here or another fed. When i need a word with people i message them, well our vgm is missing our leader isnt reacting to my emails so i got to ask is this fed still a fed or is it just an ex fed with players still in it. I do realise that its a mid season break but emails and forum boards and messages should be acted upon. just my point of view and its good to get that off my chest. So if im gone before i get a reply to my mail have a realy nice christmas one and all oh yeh and have a hell of a new year aswell. cos i totaly intend too lol

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