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Post  Hellzone Sun Feb 07, 2010 6:05 am

orientation:neutral(goes heel when in a bad temper and becomes unstoppable)
height:7,0 feet
weight:360 pounds
finishers:Hells smash, Beasts Rampage
nickname:The Beast
wrestler based on:Batista, Craig Marduk, big show
entrance:slip knot, wait and bleed

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Post  TheReason Sun Feb 07, 2010 1:36 pm

name: Rich Swan(Later Changed to TheReason)
orientation: heel
weight:235 pounds
finishers:PowerBomb/A Rich Kick/(tag)BlockBuster Combonation
trademarks:Modified Back Spinning Wheel Kick,Modified Back Suplex,Modified DDT
taunts:Talk To Talk
wrestler based on: Kenny King

TheReason grew up in a small town named searcy.
He always wanted to be the biggest wrestler there was, a face type of wrestler.
TheReason went to czw academy to lear how to wrestle

wrestler gimicks Wrestl11

He later got a scholarship form ROH to join.
And he became the biggest fighter that ever lived

wrestler gimicks Wrestl12

wrestler gimicks Wrestl13

Untill a major accident ended most of his year

wrestler gimicks 540166491_6zgwq-m

When TheReason came back he wasnt normal
He was more like a Heel wrestler he tagged with His Partner TheBeast and the became unstopable Wrestlers

wrestler gimicks ROHWorldTagTeamBelt

TheReason now lives in California in a big masion with pools

wrestler gimicks Kenny2

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Post  poltergeist Mon Feb 08, 2010 3:02 am

name: poltergeist
height: 6'3"
weight: 245
orientation: neutral
originates: unknown

Rumoured to have been killed in a ring accident whilst being trained, poltergeist now returns from the afterlife to seek his revenge on the business that took his life.


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Post  The Wolf Wed Feb 17, 2010 7:56 pm

name: The Super Grand Wolf
Face or Heel: Heel Evil or Very Mad
hight 6'11"
Finishers:3 High Risk Ends For You The Wolf Punisher, Wolf Slam
Trademark moves(in work): Modified Body Slam Modified DDT
taunts: Wolf Up
Nicknames: none
Wrestler based on Jeff Hardy, RVD, John Morison, Kurt Angle, Triple H, hulk Hogan, Undertaker(wwf(heel))
wrestler bio: A street thug form Concord NH. The Story is that he was killed in a match against The icon sean in a TTH ring. he came back to get revenge for the death of him on TTH. So far know one knows who he is and no one is able to beat him. except for 1 match he came down to help Tank and Bully And Howling Wolf came down and unmasked him so now he is on the attack.He...

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