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poltergeist arrives in TTH

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poltergeist arrives in TTH Empty poltergeist arrives in TTH

Post  poltergeist Tue Feb 02, 2010 12:01 pm

camera located in lockers rooms. The sound of thunder starts to sound as the the rooms lights start flickering. Locker doors start banging and chairs move across the floor as the room fills with smoke. The lights flick on and the smoke clears and now in the middle of the room is poltergeist. He stares ahead as a evil gravelly voice fills the room and yet poltergeists lips don't move.

poltergeist: So my manifestation brings me to TTH. The next stop on my road to seeking revenge on this damned business.

poltergeist looks at the lockers reading the names on each one

poltergeist: All these souls to be taken into the light and to the other side. one. by. one

poltergeist strides past the camera and as the camera pans round to follow poltergeist has disappeared.


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