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help with a rp with Funky

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help with a rp with Funky Empty help with a rp with Funky

Post  The Wolf Mon Jan 11, 2010 7:37 pm

Cuts to a interview with The Super Grand Wolf
Interviewer: So The Super Grand Wolf do you think you got Screwed out of a match last week
The Super Grand Wolf: Yes I do I had that match Won But Then That Idiot Ref called for the bell I want to see if i can have a rematch so we do not have to be both elemented for this from this tournament
Funky come in all mad
Funky i think we should but this stupid Gm of ours will not let us because were that good and he does not want us to have a title shot!!!
Tank comes out
tank: What are you to talking about i think that ref was totally wrong that match was a trill ride but I would love you to to have a match but 1 thing It will be a LAST MAN STANDING match!!!
The Super Grand Wolf: yes
Funky: No Why
Tank: because we will want to have a great match to see is you deserve a shot in this turny
Interviewer: So We Look Like We Have A Match for our next show

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